Photographers and Illustrators

From time to time, particularly with our Children’s and Fiction divisions we have need of photographers and illustrators for both cover and interior work. We pay an excellent royalty rate, plus the contributor retains copyright to all original work.

If you or someone you know would like to be included in our database, contact us via the contact form on our Home Page and we will supply you with more details.FFP Logo Childrens

Our Five Logos

You may have noticed that our logo – a Celtic Cross with the words Four Freedom Publishing – changes colour from time to time. We don’t like to confuse people, so we thought we’d provide a few words of explanation.

The Celtic Cross itself is used for two reasons. First, although our reach is international, Four Freedom Publishing is proudly and happily based in the Republic of Ireland. Second, a Cross is a symbol of the combination of two forces that form the cause of Human Rights. They are Faith (whether religious or humanistic) and Pain. When taken together, they can form art.

The Green Cross of Fiction

Four Freedom Logo

We use green lettering for our offerings in novels and short stories because a great fictional tale is itself evergreen. A story grows and spreads, it sprouts new shoots on the ground it touches

The Purple Cross of Non-Fiction

Four Freedom Logo purple

Purple has many traditional meanings: royalty, death and passion to name three. An excellent non-fiction book can examine struggles for power, the conquest of pain and is always written not as a want but as a visceral need.

The Gold Cross of Poetry

FFP Logo Poetry

Gold is treasured as valuable even in the smallest forms: a thin chain or a lover’s ring. So too is poetry.

The Azure Cross of Children’s Literature

FFP Logo Childrens

Why azure for children’s books? That shade was chosen as it combines both the sea and the sky. Between them, they show the vast possibilities a child may travel in imagination and through life itself.

The Burnt Bronze Cross of Drama

FFP Logo Drama

Applied with a drop shadowing to indicate the three-dimensionality of a stage play, this colour is a tribute to the hardwood floors of the world’s theatres. We also choose to honour the ancestral past of theatre, all the way back to the bronze age. The colour is shaded as well, as theatre is a living art, always developing, always becoming something other than what it was yesterday.