The Christmas Elf



It was the twelfth day of Christmas so they took the holly down, and then blew out the candles on a once bright advent crown, The fallen pine needles, now catching in stockings, Are pricking your toes, as if gently mocking. The once perky mistletoe now drooping and wizened, Where a kiss and a hope for new year had been christened, The wrappings and trimmings now heavy with dust, The turkey a carcass, it was once plump and stuffed. The excess, the crackers, the baubles that shattered, The presents you gave to the people that mattered. Will get boxed up or brushed up, forgotten again, As you all peer outside at the cold winter rain.

What does an elf do when Christmas is over? Where does she go and what does she do? This wondrous Christmas poem, beautifully illustrated with original artwork, is sure to delight your family for years – and generations – to come.

Written by: Kate Smeltzer

Illustrations: Connie Christianson

28 pages, 8.2 x 6 inches

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