FONT: The International Magazine for Human Rights is a bi-monthly literary magazine available in Kindle e-book and paperback formats.


We review cultural and political topics, however our main thrust is showcasing new literary and art talent in a well-designed, modern magazine. FONT is a modern successor to magazines from a hundred years ago such as Scribner’s that published the shorter works or book excerpts from its stable of writers.

We do not restrict ourselves to any specific genre or our writers to any specific region. Our first issue already includes poetry from Canada and a children’s story from Northern Ireland. But we demand great writing that never dumbs itself down.

Our readers will likely have post-secondary degrees and fall between the ages of 25-45. They will be mid to upper-income professionals. FONT readers are open to new ideas and views that challenge old assumptions.  Other media they are likely to have read regularly include: The New Statesman, Salon and The New Yorker.

A typical issue  includes:
  • A short story on the theme of immigration.
  • A ten-minute comic play
  • A retrospective look at a classic film
  • A children’s bedtime story
  • A showcasing of an emerging oil painter
  • A long read essay on a political topic.

We are defiantly liberal in outlook. FONT will never be home to any articles that support prejudice or social oppression in any form.

Payment Structure

All net revenue from issue sales is divided equally among all contributors. That’s it. No hidden ‘above-the-line’ costs. Sales reports will be made freely available to all contributors. And contributors retain all copyright to their work.

Four Freedom Publishing’s only revenue from Font comes from its internal advertising.


Contact us to submit or with any questions to the following email address:


We have purposely set low advertising rates. Initially a 50 word + 8 word headline advert is €10 and a 250x350px Display ad is €25 (or equivalent local currency). Better yet, we will maintain your rate when our prices rise. Therefore it makes sense to get on board now! See the Contact info above for any questions.


All issues of FONT are available at Amazon. You may click on the link below to purchase.

January 2017 ISSUE ONE: Here You Are.

March 2017 ISSUE TWO: Who’s Next?