Hubert O’Hearn, Senior Literary Agent


Hubert brings over twenty years of professional writing experience to his practice as a Literary Agent. Following careers in teaching, political communications and theatre, beginning in 1996 he became established as a feature story newspaper writer and for twelve years wrote a popular weekly newspaper column.

Beginning in 2010, Hubert’s writing practice increasingly focused on books and publishing. As a reviewer, his work has appeared regularly in January Magazine, Winnipeg Review, San Francisco Book Review and the Herald de Paris.

Serving authors as an Agent was a natural progression from Hubert’s work as an Editor. Whether the manuscript is a novel, a play, or an academic work, its writer is always treated like a good friend. From there, Hubert’s extensive personal contacts with publishers large and small ensure that the work will receive a fair hearing.


Novels, short stories, dramatic works, academic and popular non-fiction.


Hubert os open to queries from both established and new writers. He can be reached at:


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