Tanja Tuma

Tanja Tuma was born in the then-nation of Yugoslavia, behind the “Iron Curtain”. When the curtain fell, she found herself a citizen of the European Union, based in Slovenia. In college, she studied French, English, and German literature, which propelled her writing and editing career forward. Knowing the ex-Yugoslavian languages, Tanja understands the lands and the peoples she is writing about. After all, she has lived in and traveled around ex-Yugoslavia for most of her life.


A gifted author, Tuma has worked in the publishing world, which eventually led to the founding of her own successful company. Once active as a publisher, she reconciled with the motto “live now, write later.” In her career Tanja has worked in various areas of publishing, including cultural exchanges within the international publishing world.

Tanja served as the president of the Slovenian Publishers’ Association for 4 years, and as vice-president for another four years, organizing the annual convention with international guest speakers.

When their children became independent, Tanja along with her husband escaped to the solitude of the Slovenian woods, where she writes about historical events that have shaken Slovenia and Yugoslavia in the past centuries.

Her first novel, The Winds of Dalmatia was published in 2013. Tanja’s latest novel, White and Red Cherries was released in March of 2016. She is currently at work on the second volume of her compelling Balkan trilogy.

Tanja Tuma is a Secretary of Slovene PEN and a leading member of the Slovene PEN Women Writers’ Committee MIRA



News and Reviews:

‘The tumultuous history of the crisis-torn Balkans rendered in a gripping panoramic novel.’
The Winds of Dalmatia, Kirkus Review, 22 June 2013

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