Our Additional Services

Our Additional Services

Beyond our core mandate of publishing 16 books a year, we FFP also offers a series of related services utilizing our network of editors, proofreaders, designers and writers*.

Editing & Proofreading

Of course if your manuscript is chosen for publication we don’t charge you for editing, proofreading or our basic marketing. FFP is not a vanity press! However, if you are working on a book that may not fit our guidelines – an article for publication, even an academic paper – you still need a professional Editor and Proofreader. Contact us. Our rates are reasonable and payment plans can be arranged to fit your budget.

Coaching & Mentoring

Perhaps you want to be a writer. You may have received multiple rejections. Your question is, ‘How do I become better at this?‘ FFP offers a personalized, one-on-one service where you can work along with a professional writing coach who will provide you with monthly lessons and feedback to enhance your skills. The cost is only €60/$75 a month, with a 15% discount available if you become a member of our Social Media Marketing Team.

Charitable Services

This is truly close to FFP’s heart. Because we stand for the advancement of Human Rights and good works at both the national and community scale, we want to help your group or association. If your charity or non-profit wishes to create a book (e.g. cookbook, collection of stories, a script, poetry or photo album) contact us. We will edit and format the materials, have the book printed and do all the necessary bookkeeping. In short, your charity will only have to write it and sell it. We will do the rest for you. Contact us for details.

*Think you have what it takes to join our network? Email us!