Christie Parry, Literary Agent

Christie earned her Bachelor of Arts, Honours Drama in Education from the University of Windsor and Bachelor of Education (I/S Drama and English) from the University of Toronto. A teacher by profession (Ontario Teachers Certificate), and having worked in classrooms in elementary, secondary and adult education environments, Christie’s passion for the written word has been something that has always been with her. She opened a small children’s bookstore after graduation, worked on educational materials, curriculum development and international programming for Confederation College (Canada), and managed the Education Department at the Thunder Bay Museum where she continued to enjoy the process of program creation and development, curriculum writing, and of course, teaching.  She initiated a book club that meets monthly and is currently in their fifth season.

Christie’s keen eye, knack for language and longing to always be reading has had friends, family members and colleagues alike continually asking for her assistance in editing and proofreading for them. It only seems a natural progression that she has taken this interest and turned it into a career.


In 2010, Christie was recognized in receiving the Thunder Bay Arts & Heritage Cultural Educator Award.


Christie looks forward to receiving your queries. She may be reached by email at:


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